Reward Program

The Member Reward Program was developed to not only give members the opportunity to contribute directly to the success of MVGC, but also to assist in minimizing expenses/costs to our Club and individuals.

Our Professional Staff will outline certain areas of the operation where members can volunteer their time to help us achieve our operational goals and in return earn valuable dollars that will be deducted from next year’s membership rates. It’s simple! For every hour of volunteer time you will earn $10.00 off your membership cost for the following year to a maximum of 10 hours or $100.00.

Areas in which we will be seeking help include, but are not limited to:

Custodial duties
On course projects
Tournament preparation or clean up
General maintenance throughout the property

How will it work?

Closer to the opening of the season and throughout the year management will post jobs to a section in our website “Reward Program.” It can be found under the “Golf Course” tab on our websites home page. Members can review jobs, see sign up deadlines, people required, dates and times and estimated time to complete the jobs (value). Depending on which of the 2 departments needs your assistance sign up will be done in either the Golf Shop or Maintenance department. Once times and dates have been set up and members have been contacted all you’ll have to do is show up, complete your respective tasks and have a management employee sign off on the work completed. That information will be stored in a database and used for determining amounts owed to members when they purchase their next year’s membership.

For more information or questions please contact the Director of Golf – Jeff Wiggins via
email at